Monday, March 21, 2005

Thanks, Papa.

it’s the Day that Could Go Either Way. could be good; could be bad. I knew when I woke up that the rest of the day would hinge on my first simple decision: get out of bed to the right, or to the left? everything after that would fall like dominos. for no particular reason, I chose “closet-side”.
so when I discovered that my car battery was dead, I cursed, kicked at the air, and promised to try getting out of bed on the “laundry hamper” side tomorrow.

it didn’t stop there. I managed to get a jump from a kind neighbor, so I was finally able to get to school. but then I burned my mouth by testing my coffee too early (I mistakenly ordered Core of the Sun flavored brew), and I’m still reeling from a bad grade I got on a midterm. I didn’t even win anything in the roll-up-the-rim contest, which cecilia seems to be so good at.

when I got home, I sat at my desk and fell into a bit of a funk over that bad grade. okay, all kidding aside, I’m not a stupid person, and this should have been an easy A for me. so maybe it is all about fate. how else can I explain the fact that I studied my ass off for that test and walked away with a C? should I have grown a playoff beard? should I have worn the same socks through all my exams? should I buy a rabbit’s foot? should I catalog how well or shitty my day goes for a few weeks and see if there’s any relation to the side of bed I use, because I sure as hell can’t study any more than I already am.

and then lisa called (she’s a cure-all) and I remembered that it’s the Day that Could Go Either Way. could be good; could be bad. after all, my car hit 55,555.5 miles today, so I knew the cosmic balancing act of fate was still out there somewhere.

so I checked the mail...

and got into Albany Law School.


Anonymous said...

Who wants to go to school in buildings that burn down anyways? Eat your heart out UB Law!

Garvey said...

you said it. UB is still my first choice, but man, it was nice to get some good news.

Anonymous said...

"Garvey Esquire" has a nice ring to it. Just ask your Papa. or your uncles. or your sister... YAY MIKE!!! (and yay lisa for snagging a smartie, who is going to be a lawyer, as her husband!)

Esther said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Albany is a much better school than UB, if for no other reason than they had their heads out of their asses to see how great you are. You're the best! Plus, SUNY Albany was just ranked the #1 party school in the country. Gina's boyfriend Joe knew that stat of the top of his head. Enjoy!