Sunday, March 20, 2005

these so called vacations

just got back from chicago and boy are my arms tired. no seriously, my arms are tired. for that matter, I feel like I just partied for a week with a steamroller. it may have been the drink. it may have been the drive. more than likely, it was the aggregate “spring break” meant for the body of 19 year old garvey that has my arms, my legs, my spine, my liver, etc. feeling sated and spent.

I’m so sick from the drink, I need home for a rest.

anyway, the trip was amazing, and far too much happened over the last few days to report here. and, really, if I tried to recall everything, I’d misremember and talk about winning canadian lotteries, or taking a limo five blocks to the subway, or maybe even a jagermeister-drinking leprechaun named duane.

here’s a quick anecdote that could have been funnier, but has had me chuckling regardless. on tuesday, lisa and I drove up to toronto to live it up with our commonwealth cousins of the north for the day. while there, we threw our names into the last minute ticket raffle for a show called wicked. and, yup, out of the 100 or so people who were there, I was one of the ten to win a pair of seats – so the canadian lottery bit is actually (sort of) true. anyway, after the show, lisa and I ran into a friend of ours who had driven from buffalo to catch the same performance, and we were introduced to william “I used to be the pres of UB” greiner, and his wife, carol “I used to be the first lady of UB” greiner.

aaaand then, I tripped mrs. greiner. okay, she didn’t exactly take a face plant (I said it could have been a funnier anecdote), but she definitely had to grab onto the woman next to her to keep from falling ass over teakettle. yup, there I am, trying to figure out how to get these people to call in a quick little favor over at the law school admissions council, and instead I’m playing Knock the Donkey Down with Old Lady Greiner.

the rest of the week, I got to re-visit some of my old chicago stomping grounds. it gets a little fuzzy in the middle there, since most of my memories of thursday the 17th are soaked in green beer and the scalding grease of the best sausage pizza I’ve ever had. at least, I think it was good. I was drunk.

big respect to jill, by the way, for playing host to me and lisa, and yes, even buying a shot of jager for duane the leprechaun.

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