Monday, April 11, 2005

Child, the living's easy.

Huzzah and huzzah: summer has arrived in Western New York! The gray tupperware cap that is the buffalo winter sky has been burped, allowing yellow sun and blue sky to take up residence. True, knowing that there is a very real tendency for Buffalo weather to yo-yo throughout the transitional seasons, I may just have jinxed us into an April blizzard, but I have faith. Indeed, the gods of spring could be only pleasantly mollified with last night's sacrifice: red meat grilled on the charcoal alter. We, the happy pilgrims who worship at once the Son and the sun, basked in the warmth of our first cook-out, celebrating in our ceremonial vestments: short sleeves, and chiavetta's stains.

UPDATE: today, I defiantly wore a tee-shirt, knowing full well it's still light-jacket-season. I'm hoping Mother Nature recognizes my faithful dedication and brings on another serving of summerish temps. In the meantime, I'll happily fuel myself with whatever solar energy I can soak up and, of course, as many grilled sacrifices as my cholesterol-driven diet will allow.

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