Sunday, April 17, 2005

just prepare for the unprepareable

I was in college for four years, and I’m just finishing my second of post graduate work. Since every semester had two exam periods (midterms and finals), that means I’m about to go into my 24th exam season since leaving high school.

Over the last 23, I’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out exactly what I should pack to take with me to the library or computer lab or spot coffee or whatever:

Coffee – gotta stay alert
Bottle of water – in case the coffee runs out
Baggie of carrots – excellent snack food, even if they’re loud enough to wake up everyone else in the library.
Tums, Advil, one-a-days – I can’t say I’ve ever popped the stay-awake pills, but having these guys in your portable pharmacy is a must if you want to stay on top of your game.
Tunes – this started out as a walkman then evolved through walkman, computer CD player (if I’m in the computer lab), computer CD player (on my laptop), ipod, and right now it’s all about the rhapsody.
Sunglasses, watch with alarm clock– it is amazing how a fifteen minute power nap will recharge your batteries.
Excess school supplies – if you never run out of pens, you never have to waste time looking for pens.
Layers of clothes – will it be too hot in the library? Too cold? It’s a mystery until you get there.
And of course, the material – the books, the notes, the PowerPoints, the lecture outlines, and occasionally an Annie Carr who will dance out Latin declensions with you.

All that being said, I’ve been on campus for three hours so far this morning, and taking stock of my preparedness, I notice I failed to bring any snacks, healthy of otherwise, the sweater I’ve got on is far too warm to be wearing in the computer lab, I have ZERO pens on my person, and rhapsody seems to be down for the day. Oh, and though I did remember coffee, it’s giving me some wicked heartburn, and guess how many rolls of Tums I brought? Luckily, I remembered (albeit at the last possible moment) to bring my case studies, but it sure would be nice if Annie were here to dance out my Advertising and Promotions report.


Anonymous said...

That was the best blog ever!! Everyone should remember Annie with them when they study!

Scott said...

And your brain. Don't forget your brain.