Thursday, April 21, 2005

rhapsody in moo

I'm on very close terms with Rob Glaser, the founder/CEO of RealNetworks, Inc., which maintains Rhapsody. He and I are old chums. We email each other every so often. It's cute: I call him Bobby and he calls me Dear Rhapsody Customer. We're bff's.

Anyway, in Robb-o's last note, he mentioned that Eli’s comin'. Sometime next week, the rhap is going to go through some transition, words that at once excite and terrify the hell out of me. Good changes? Bad changes? I need my fix, man.

Admittedly, if I had my druthers, I'd love to see a few alterations. I mean, I love the software, but I bet even the programmers would agree that Rhapsody needs a better search function. Or the ability to "drag and drop" a song into a playlist without first opening it up.

Alternately (and here's where the "terrify the hell out of me" part comes in), there are a few things at risk that I hope they keep. For one, I hope they don't lose the "blog this" function. (If anything, they should let you post more than 25 songs at a time.) A lot of people see the program as something for misanthropes because it lacks the portability of an ipod, or XM. Well, true, you pretty much either have to be locked to your computer or willing to drop another 80 cents to download a tune, but my point is that by including the blog function, Rhapsody has actually created a stronger "community" than itunes or what have you. Do a google search. Rhaplinks not only abound, but generate discussion. At least once a day, you'll find me over at rockschool or the radish, mooching off the community members who know more about music in general than I do.

Okay, tangent ended. First, though, to drive my point home, here's a list of songs I've recently thrown into my daily rotation that were taken from other blogger's rhaplinks, or at least inspired by them. Fair warning: Of Montreal’s “Wraith” song will be stuck in your mind for days.

By the way, I got a rejection letter from Syracuse Law yesterday. Meh. Probably another couple of weeks before I hear from UB, but I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, thank God for the Albany Law School admissions officers who were either smart enough or gullible enough to give me a safety net.


Alex said...

According to our old pal mgrooves, "the next version will include some awesome enhanced blogging features."

WitNit said...

Are the stories about Rob's intensity true? I hear tales from people who he has interviewed...

Garvey said...

oh, Bobby's tough but fair. The fact that he remembers to email me every so often is really the truest sign of our relationship. Now if only he'd get the Beatles onto Rhapsody.