Friday, April 08, 2005

sorry, I'm late. I was busy doing a whole lotta nuthin.

Hi, I’m back.

I wish I could say that my blogging hiatus resulted from something more creative and interesting than simple lazyassedness. Remember when I first said I’d update every day? I was hilarious back then.

After a few months of blogging, I can honestly say that it isn’t the same as having a journal. I could care less if I bored the hell out of pen and paper, but here, having that external element, I can’t help but see this site as some extension of the entity that is “Garvey”. For the same reason that I try to wear clean shirts (well, occasionally) or chew gum if I have offending breath, I feel like talking about boring shit on the toybox would be more detrimental than simply not posting. “The Royal Toybox: If you can’t say something witty, don’t say anything at all.”

Of course, now we’ve entered into the metaphysical, since talking about talking about boring stuff is, in itself, boring. But talking about talking about talking about boring stuff is fascinating, no?

But as a reward for getting this far into today’s post, here’s a sweet little game that is an excellent stress reliever. By the time you get to about level 15, it pretty much runs itself if you’ve built enough archers. I got to level 45 before I decided I'd killed enough stick men.

also, if you want to laugh out loud, check out the basketball player from charlotte whose name didn't quite translate from her native yugoslavian. sounds like something you'd hear at moe's tavern.

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