Tuesday, April 12, 2005

three easy steps

Ways the UB MBA program has made me feel:

Like Salieri. Why has God given me the ability to recognize, appreciate, and respect my craft, but the inability to create it?

Like Lane Meyer. That scene in his math class is an extremely honest reflection of a very real feeling. Everyone in the class is fascinated by this stuff, and course material is immediately understood. Unless you're me, Lane Garvey, whose preparation is akin to gum on scratch paper.

Like I'm reading one of those How-To-Draw books, but it looks like this:

Step one: draw a circle for a head
Step two: draw two circles for eyes
Step three:

Okay, so this week isn't one of the better ones. They come and go. I'm not so upset that I feel the need to kill Mozart or ski the k12 or whatever. It's not like that'd help me learn Marketing Research anyway.

Geez, read yesterday's post and then this one and I think it's time to up the mood swing medication. I'm actually not all that pissed off, I just hate MR and love John Cusack by about the same amount.

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