Saturday, April 16, 2005

watch out for falling pocket protectors

I think it’s Nerd Day at UB. I mean, I didn’t get the newsletter, so it couldn’t be anything official, but there sure are a lot of nerdular nerdance activities going on:

I had to walk through a rather intense meeting of the Chess Club to get to Starbucks. One kid was crying. I had to bite my lip to keep from yelling “there’s no crying in chess!”

On the way back, the Red Cross had set up a little station in the student union. They, by nature, are not known for their nerdinosity, but I noticed they had attracted a swarm of undergrads (I swear I’m not making any of this up) with a thirty inch TV hooked up to an old school Nintendo… playing Duck Hunt.

A large part of the management building’s floors is bring re-done, so I had to follow a detour that took me past a remote group of tables where two young lovers were gazing longingly into each others eyes as they enjoyed the afternoon sun… over a game of Magic, the Gathering. Again, I swear I’m not making any of this up.

If you haven’t tried to call shenanigans yet, read on, because this particular UB Nerd Day took out all the stops. Not twenty minutes ago, I kid you not, on the patch of grass between Knox Hall and the student union, I passed a group of maybe 30 people or so… and they were sword fighting. Dressed to the nines in full renaissance regalia, and sporting foam and cardboard swords, axes, and shields; these lucky few succeeded in blowing my highest nerd score out of the water. They even had a friar sitting on a blanket, drinking Gatorade with what must have been the “wench” section.

I also notice UB Law School is having an open house for their newly accepted students. Coincidence?

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Scott said...

Those same nerdy nerds used to sword fight in the middle of the Quad at WPI. However, as I was only a fringe nerd at that school, I was one of the people who used to wing water balloons at them from the roofs of the surrounding dorms. Good times.