Wednesday, May 11, 2005

all nighter 2am

Okay, a few things:
-Man, time flies when you mark off each hour with a blog post. When I was in college, I pulled more than my fair share of all nighters, and back then, I'd tick off 45 minute increments with a cigarette. At least blogging is slightly healthier.
-I smell. Miiiiiight be all the coffee.
-Heartburn. And it can't be from all the food. I don't have any in the apartment.
-Speaking of unhealthy and smelly and heatburn and college, did you see that Mighty Taco brought back their heavenly BBQ beef for the summer?
-The Marketing Research is going well. I've finished the Factor Analysis (which contains the word "anal" for a reason) and now I'm moving onto the Market Segmentation stuff. weeeee!

I'm listening to: "car thief" by the beastie boys
I'm on coffee number: 5, but I broke down and moved onto a regular sized mug after #3.

7 hours left.

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