Wednesday, May 11, 2005

all nighter 3am

15 minutes ago, I played a sinatra song to commemorate the time, but since it was a ballad, that might not have been the best idea for we sleep deprived little monkeys. Otherwise, I'm still truckin' on, and I've just passed page 18 in tonight's adventure. And actually, its a lot more than that since I still need to add in a table of contents, a title page, and 64 pages of appendices (seriously). My poor printer...

The heartburn is gone, by the way, and in fact I'm getting peckish. About time for that ice cream, methinks.

I'm listening to: "We're The Replacements" by They Might Be Giants
I'm on coffee: Jeez, I've lost count. Especially since I spilled some. I'll say 6 and a half.

So thanks for the cheer...

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