Wednesday, May 11, 2005

all nighter 7am

Oops! I missed a post!

Things are actually going well enough. I've giving the paper a once-over, which means I still have about 45 minutes to correct/add/delete anything, most of which, at this point would be a steaming pile of doody.

On the other hand, I think it's a pretty solid paper. This professor is notorious for inconsistancy in grading, so I probably could have jotted something down on a post-it note and done just as well.

I'm listening to: my room mate waking up. I had to take these headphones off.
coffee #: not enough.

49 page write-up in eight hours - longest... spellcheck... ever...


Anonymous said...

Which is more insane:

a) the kid who pulls an all nighter and blogs it every hour on the hour

b) the girl who goes out the night before her internet marketing exam, and then instead of studying in the morning reads your hourly post?

c) Too bad our damn exam isn't multiple choice

Garvey said...

yeah, and except for the third question, which I'd just looked at, that test pretty much blew. buuuuuuut...

we. are. done.

Anonymous said... much for 4.0 in '05 , as long as Dick isn't a dick and gives us B's, I'll be happy. But I do know this much we are done, and done is spelt B-E-E-R