Monday, May 02, 2005

class of DOH! five

Ah, a rare, but appreciated break in the action. Today, I firmly planted my Strategic Management final project on the professor’s desk. We chatted about what the next semester would bring us – she to Syracuse and me either to Albany or across the street to UB Law. We both admitted our fatigue, spoke highly of each other, shook hands and parted ways. Mike Garvey: “Teacher’s Pet”.

This afternoon, in about a half hour, I have my very last class as a student in the School of Management. I’d be sad if I weren’t so ready for a power nap. Beyond that class, I have two take home finals, two sit-down finals, a write up of today’s presentation (although I’m pretty sure that’s done, no thanks to me) and some grading/research assistant work to do. Then I think it’s high time for another Mantown Day of Sloth. I suppose I should see this Underworld everyone is talking about.

A quick story before I run off to class: most of my courses, especially this semester, focus on lecture, and therefore the exams are mostly going to be made up from the professor’s powerpoint slides/class notes/assigned articles/etc. but not so much from the text. To that end, I can’t say I’ve cracked my Internet Marketing book once this semester – I mean most of that info MUST be supplementary anyway. In our last class, the professor mentioned that a lot of the exam would have to do with the articles found in the book, however, so I figured I might as well read those. It’s a text book, right? Which means mostly text with the occasional sidebar article interspersed for color. Of course, having never even looked at it, I wasn’t sure which few articles to read, so I wrote (lyingly) to the teach:

Hi Professor,
I'm a bit confused as to which reading I should really know for the final. You had mentioned the "articles from the book"—obviously I’ve read the assigned text, but are you referring to the sidebar articles or those downloadable from the website?

He answered:

You should primarily know those articles in the book.

You could almost hear the “, dumbass…” included on the end there. I opened the book to see how much reading this meant for me, and saw that in fact there is no text, only articles. Chapters full of articles. That the professor now knew I had never looked at in my life. Mike Garvey: “dumbass”.


Scott said...


Monkeys, Baboons, Apes

Mikey Burps Alot (sorry for the grammar, but it looks better)

Men Becoming Arrogant

Moody Bitches, Always

Meat Balloons Aloft!

Money Bag Association

Mighty Big Accomplishment

Moose Balls Alfredo

Must Be Asshole

Might Bore Anyone

Managing Blocked Anus

Anonymous said...

Mostly Bullshit Academia

Garvey said...

hmm very clever. and Mostly (Basically) Accurate. after this, Management's Big-Ass exam week, My Bottom Aches from the sensless spankings each teacher handed out. My Books Aren't worth the paper they're printed on, according to My Bookstore. Apparently, their Managers Botched All of their own math classes.

but, hey, Many Beers Are right around the corner...