Wednesday, May 25, 2005

internal monologue

Things I thought about during my six hours of lawn-mowing today:

· Gotta finish up the groomsmen gifts.
· Damn, do I need sunscreen? Is it that summer-y?
· I have 350 songs on this ipod, why have the first three been A Tribe Called Quest? Oh, duh, it’s not on shuffle.
· No really, how do I feel about embryonic stem cell research?
· Some people automatically remember their childhoods when they smell gingerbread or cinnamon. My childhood smells more like fresh cut grass and gasoline. And it sounds like either a diesel engine or a seagull.
· …I gotta get, I got-got ta get it…
· 44 days.
· The bachelor party
· Thursday in the Square has an excellent lineup this year and I think it starts tomorrow.
· I wonder what Papa would be up to right now if he were still alive. I wonder where he’d choose to go if it came down to Albany or UB Law.
· Yup, time for sunscreen.
· One of those Erdingers would go down pretty good right now.
· What else do I need to do before I leave for Alaska?
· Man, I hated Oscar Wilde.
· It would take at least 200 to overcome a healthy, hungry lioness. Maybe more.
· So, who won the filibuster issue, really? A true moderate is going to clean up one of these days. Red or blue, I think there are more in the middle than anyone assumes. The United States of Maybe, Maybe Not.
· President Michael J Garvey.
· President Michael J Garvey, MBA, Esq.
· And, of course, First Lady Lisa Garvey
· I could run down Louis with this tractor right now. I’m not mad at him or anything; I’m just saying he’d never see it coming.
· Okay, six hours of mowing done. Three lawns, a ten foot pile of clippings, two minor cuts, one farmer's tan, and I still have no idea where I stand on stem cells. Time for an Erdinger.


Scott said...

Can you really write and mow the lawn at the same time? That's a skill, man.

Garvey said...

only on the straight-aways. which is good because when I'm turning or going around a tree I'm pretty much just thinking "turn" or "go around this tree".

Alex said...

"Here fishy fishy!" I say that every time I go fishing, which lends to some very strange looks from behind a pair of aviator sunglasses.