Sunday, May 22, 2005

the lovely ladies of canisius who know what “trabeculae” means

Today's activity: there are 472 doctors in the picture below. can you find them all?

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The weekend went by at lightening-quick speed. In fact, all of last week did too. I’ve been working as a landscaper/gardener/mechanic/and mover of copy machines since graduation, and somehow, having an MBA makes me better at all of these things. You should see me mow a lawn. It isn’t that pretty, but I can statistically analyze the hell out of it.

Speaking of which, that professor gave me my only B for the semester, effectively shutting down my dreams for a four oh in oh five. I landed A’s in everything else, though, so I’ll walk away with a 3.73 for the semester—the highest grade I’ve ever gotten. I’m so smrt.

Last weekend was kid’s stuff: An animatronic rat sang happy birthday to Cecilia, while I was more entertained by plastic cups of beer and a game where you had to propel a token into a shark’s mouth or a volcano. Young Aidan was in attendance, and doing his best Nick Nolte impression. Then this weekend, I killed brain cells like other adults, in bars, at home, at graduation get-togethers and at horse racing parties.

I chose Greeley’s Galaxy, by the way, on the advice of a magic eight ball and a talking Yoda doll. But hey, good for Afleet Alex. I do love the lemonade.

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