Sunday, May 29, 2005

the post written in-between thank you notes

The last few days have been a whirlwind of partied activity, and tonight I’m a richer man for having lived through them.

Going backwards: today took me to the same rainy Memorial Day party I’ve gone to for the last three years, only this one had more babies. My brother in law’s mum throws a backyard BBQ every May, and as sure as the bean dip is served with Doritos, the rain once again chased we happy few under carports, insta-tents, and the garage. Man, I do love that bean dip. Before going, I stopped off at the mall and picked up a fleece on clearance from $50 to $5.39. I’m such a good shopper.

Yesterday, I made it out to the family grounds to help set up for Esther’s baby shower, an event that baby’s peers will read about in the history books of the future. First of all, the lawns looked great, if I do say so myself. Secondly, once the party got going, I got to hang out in the basement bar-room with dad and Louis, watching the yanks suck it up, talking about our up-coming Alaska trek, eating pepperoni, drinking Flying Bison, and generally trying to balance the hormonal ocean one floor above with swear words and farts. I think we held our own.

Friday night, I was truly blessed to attend my own wedding shower, thrown expertly by Lisa’s extended fam. Guys aren’t used to this, or at least, it isn’t something I ever thought I’d be in the center of. Technically, it was a “couple’s shower”, so the tools, the grilling accoutrements, the American flag suspenders, the Mighty Taco gift certificates, etc. belong to both me and Lisa… well, maybe I’ll share the monkey candle holders. We’ll see.

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