Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wrap up

Hi, I’m Mike Garvey. Mike Garvey, MBA. Want me to run a statistical analysis for you? I can do that. Need a historical summary of strategic takeovers/mergers? I’m your man. Want to know how to write a paper just good enough to pass? Heck, I’ve known how to do that since well before getting a masters.

Graduation went well. Current Mom and Dad and Future Mom and Dad pretty much dropped everything else they were doing this weekend to focus on their favorite children. Two graduation ceremonies in as many days is the truest sign of love, and the ‘rents went above and beyond. We capped it all off with a dinner at Lombardo’s, where I had my first ever gelato, my first ever lemoncello, and my first I-can’t-wait-to-be-in-Italy moment since the semester ended.

Last night, Lisa and I met a few of my ex-classmates out at the Pearl Street Brewery. Though I don’t remember why, we were collectively known as “The Tigers” during the first semester of our first year, when we were lumped together for all of our common classes. Any remorse for the program ending hadn’t yet hit me, but I will say that seeing these guys, most of whom were leaving Western New York perhaps forever, struck a cord. One is chasing love and potential work to Florida, one is going to work for anyone other than P&G in Taiwan, one was going back overseas to meet his month old son for the first time, and one is moving back to Canada because she’s bored. Oh, and one is staying in buffalo because she got into UB Law. I’m not bitter, but if I was, I’d mention all the people she talked smack about last night.

Congrats, Tigers. Now go outside. And someone pass me the gelato.


Greg said...


Because I'm a jerk.

Seriously, congrats, Garv

Garvey said...


took me a seckond to reallize what you were refering too. I know I aslo speeled "dessert" wrong back in the post about cecelia. damned spellcheque.

anyone for FF tomorrow night, by the way?

Greg said...

Sure, I love Final Fantasy!

I'm looking at Founding as a backup in case my attempts to scrape together a Star Wars group fall through.