Wednesday, June 08, 2005

27 years of apology

Although its obvious from his brilliant blog posts that Little Mikey hero-worships me, and that mom does indeed love me more, I have not always been the nicest big sister. In fact, I was meeeeeeeeean. Mike has referred to me as Angelica, the bratty big sister on Rugrats, and I’m the first to admit that it’s a fitting description for how nasty I was growing up.

Now that Mike has turned over the RT reins, I figure my first order of business should be a public apology. Much of my behavior was the standard emotional abuse commonly inflicted by evil young girls: name-calling, threats, lies, blackmail. That part is hard to quantify but you can imagine how harsh I was after having my peaceful three-and-a-half-year single-child experience disrupted by an annoying little brother.

He got me back, physically, as most little brothers do. All the kids in the neighborhood build a big fort with couch cushions, blankets, and other linens I’m sure our moms didn’t want outside. We secured the blankets to the railing of our apartment building by setting heavy objects on top of them (yes, we were engineering geniuses) and then crammed about 15 kids underneath. Mike tried to get in and I informed him there was no room (after he helped us build the fort) so he stormed off. As he left, he grabbed a hammer from the railing and tossed it in the general direction of the tent. Turns out my head was also in that general direction, and I ended up with stitches to show for it. AND I STILL GOT IN TROUBLE, despite my injury.

It wasn’t until we were a little older that I became truly malicious. When Mike was learning how to write, especially proud that he could spell his name, I carved HIS name into the side of HIS dresser. Of course he took the fall, and I didn’t admit to such brilliance until recently.

So, Little Mikey, I’m sorry for my years of cruelty. You seem pretty well adjusted despite my best efforts. I’m glad we’re friends now :)

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Anonymous said...

the worst sib story i ever heard (not esther and mike related) was from my girlfriend whose two older sisters would hold her down and roll a rolling pin over her chest while yelling "HA HA THEY'RE NEVER GOING TO GROW!!!"

a hammer isn't so bad.