Thursday, June 30, 2005

a couple of things to share

I saw two things on my television in the last week that have taken my breath away. Both were probably intentionally constructed to evoke some emotion in their own respective rights, and both succeeded.

The first is a commercial, believe it or not. Want a quick marketing lesson? Take a look at this ad, which I think is brilliant. I am not a runner. In fact, from an outsider’s point of view, this product seems kind of silly. But this commercial is so smart, I’m actually tempted to buy a pair:

Run Barefoot

Nike is doing a few different things here, not the least of which is brand re-positioning. In the last few years, the company has both pissed off the world with its sweatshops (guilty or no- it doesn't matter) and created an immense following among more contact-driven sports, like soccer and basketball. Even though they have the second most recognizable icon in the world (after Disney, I'm guessing), with a campaign like this, they're actually trying to rebuild or reintroduce themselves as a company sympathetic to the city-dwelling-runner-who-wants-to-run-barefoot crowd. Again, I'm not a runner, but that's beside the point. Bravo to them - to the cinematographers and to the marketers. I hope it works. Not so much because I want them to succeed, but because I like good commercials.

Secondly is something you're going to have to find on your own. I've never really given much notice to My Chemical Romance before, but the music video they put together for their song, "Helena" makes me miss watching the MTV of days long passed. (I'm told MTV2 has more videos these days, but that package just isn't in the budget...)

In the meantime, watch it on Rhapsody, AOL, or sign up for a free account at Yahoo, and get it through their music video section. Hell, might even have it.

I caught this one randomly online, and it immediately tugged at the ol' heartstrings. From what I can tell, it's about a guy saying goodbye to his gf who killed herself. I imagine some of the english majors in the crowd would have a more inventive analysis, but even aside from that, it's a great video.


Finn said...

I couldn't get audio from that link. (And you need Chariots of Fire to get the full effect) If anyone else has a hard time with that here's another link:
down on the bottom left. AND the only reason why I felt compelled to post another link is because the star of that commercial is from West Seneca.

Garvey said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I had no idea about the local talent - good for him, I say.

Now if we could just get a story in the BN about that kid who made an appearance on the Late Show...