Thursday, June 02, 2005

got to see a man about a fish

Now, I know that you, as I do, fear change. But bear with me. This is, really, for the best.

Starting this Saturday, and ending on Sunday the 12th, I’ll be on hiatus, trekking through the wilderness of Alaska, high on whiskey and cigars (Middleton Rare and pre-Castro Cubans, respectively - neener neener), and waging war on the halibut population of the north. Of course, I’ll be thinking of each and every one of you during my trip, and I’ll be sure to send anyone a King Salmon if they ask nicely.

In the meantime, I’m leaving the babysitter in charge. If anyone can appreciate the very fragile nuances that make the RT so great, it’s elder sister Esther, esq., and I have no doubt that by the time I get back to share my pictures of moose droppings and whatnot, you’ll actually prefer her mom-loves-me-best jokes to my own.

Anyway, treat her good. She won’t be the only one guest-blogging for me while I’m gone, but any others will just post through her. That is, unless you’re Cecilia and you’ve somehow figured out my password.

Since I’ll be packing and resting (pftht) all day tomorrow, here are a few final thoughts before I shove off:

One last weird coincidence comment: I was helping Mr. B. move an old trunk out of his parents’ house that, except for a few scraps of newspaper, was empty (the trunk was empty, not the house. Or his parents.). Nixon’s impeachment was on the cover, and an advertisement for a Corvus Problem Solving Calculator the size of my thigh was on sale on page four. The date on the paper? June 2nd, 1974. spooooooky…

One last pissy old man comment: buffalo radio stations suck, but at least they don’t play as many commercials as the Toronto stations. I’m pretty sure 102.1 The Edge’s hourly formula is: one part Red Hot Chili Peppers, one part Sum 41, three parts Greenday, ten parts jokes about America, and seventy four parts commercials.

One last countdown comment: 36 days!

One last goodbye comment: later!

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