Sunday, June 05, 2005

guest guest blogger

If any of you are interested in contributing to a Mike-less week, send me a post! Our friend Alyson is taking advantage of that offer in today's post:

so mike garvey asked me to submit an entry into his blog. i agreedwithout thinking (of course, as i have no filter between my mouth and my brain)-- so you'll have to all deal with the facts that i cannotspell to save my life, i swear like a trucker and i can't write. nobig deal, right??my name is alyson. i am a wutz (i'll explain why this is important ina second), a new puppy owner (HOORAY!! check out and i too am gettingmarried this year (check out yup, iKNOW i'm this much of a dork, i do have shame, and no, i will notdemonstrate my shame here. come, win my wedding, then we'll talk. (which, sidenote, will be incrediably fun as both mike and esther arein the wedding and c is making the cake. THE CAKE!!! mmmm cake).

how do i know mike do you ask? well, through esther (mike'swonderfully hugely pregnant lawyer sister who is just the bees'knees). how did esther and i meet and why do i adore her family?well, she is (and mike, and the rest of the fam-damn-ly)a garvey. i ama wutz. once apon a time there were two young men-- we'll call thempapa garvey and grandpa wutz. they lived down the street from eachother and grew up together. they went to war together and remainedincredibly close for the majority of their lives. unfortunately, papagarvey passed away before i had the honor of meeting him-- yet hecontinued to give his friendship to the wutz family by giving theworld esther's family. happily, esther and i have picked up where ourgrandfathers had to leave off. you would think that is all to thisstory-- but my favorite part is the fact that esther grew up in ahouse where her grandfather kept a bar in his basement. i grew up in ahouse where my grandfather kept a bar in his basement. turns out thesebars of our grandfathers (thank you papa garvey and grandpa wutz) arefrom the exact same bar-- split in half and given homes in therespective best friends' basements. it's the south buffalo version ofa best friend necklace. these are great men. :)

i would also like to thank grandpa wutz for my uncanny ability toscrew up any situation by swearing. i get excited and four letterwords pop out. not even thesomewhat-respectable-you-might-be-able-to-get-away-with-it-in-front-of-your-grandmotherwords. the "oh fuuuuuuuuuuuudge" word of a christmas story pops outmuch too often. tell me you got a job and i swear. tell me you got arolex and i'll REALLY swear. engagements? *&%@#!!!!! in front of yourentire family. at least reputation precedes me however, and all isforgiven b/c i am a "wutz". (see?! so important. i meet cool peopleand am allowed to swear freely. THANK YOU GRANDPA WUTZ! thatsonofabitch, the sonofabitch). :)


lisa said...

aly! you're so fun! however, your. dog. has. a. webpage. i have no choice but to mock you.

Anonymous said...

mock away!! I STILL HAVE A PUPPY!!!! :) isnt she cute though? seriously?!