Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My trip to Alaska in blog form

Yesterday, I sat down and started to type out the story of my trip to Alaska. What happened, who I met, how many more fish did I catch than Louis... that kind of thing. And I realized there was just too much.

So, I cracked my knuckles and put all my favorite pics and stories into a new blog:

Pictures of Moosen

I'm not getting rid of the toybox or anything, this is just a temporary side project so I don't have to force vacation pics on anyone. Believe me, even though these pictures could never do my trip justice, these are definitely worth a look-see.

DISCLAIMER: I'm using a free account through to host these pics, and it turns out that I can only access so many MB per day. So, if you go to the new site and there aren't any pics of me, drunk and unshaven, just wait a bit and try again. And if any more web-savvy people have any suggestions as to improve that, let me know.

UN-DISCLAIMER: The bandwidth issue is fixed. If you can't see any of my pictures, reload your browser.

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