Thursday, July 14, 2005

even the ugly people are hot here.

You, my friends, are reading a blog post composed on the fly in the lobby of a Florence, Italy hotel! Just wanted to check in to the RT and tell everyone the trip is beyond comprehension. No, wait, the gelatto is beyond comprehension, the trip is beyond even that.

Until I can collect my thoughts, here is a word from my new Aunt Janet, who was very good at pinning my flower to my jacket, despite my constant shaking:

Something to add to the bits and pieces of the Wedding Day...

Among the many blessing of that day that I got to enjoy, one of the best
wasthe moment I handed the Gardenia to your mom in the back of church.
Shelooked at it, looked up at me with this stunned look on her face, andstarted
"How..." She couldn't speak any more words...I said "Lisa and
Mikedid this..." All the back ground noise of the church seemed to stop
for ustwo mothers in that precious moment.

It was so many tiny details like that one, that all added up to the
verybest event ever...

Love to you both, my niece and nephew!

Aunt Janet.

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