Thursday, July 28, 2005

In all our drunken/giddy/married glory

Ain't technology grand? The photographer we hired for our wedding sent us the link to all of our wedding pics. Just try to get through all of them without either getting a little weepy or laughing out loud:

Click on this link to get to the Robert Knight Photography site, and then on "View and Purchase Your Photos Online". About a page down, click on "The Wedding of Lisa and Michael Garvey" to take a look at me in a monkey suit and everyone else dancing like crazy people.

By the way, Jennica (sp?) Knight and her assistant could not have been a better team for our party. They were professional without being stuffy (in fact, they were downright fun), and as you can see, they were quite true to their art. For any of you who are in the planning stages of their own hitchin's, I can't recommend Robert Knight Photography highly enough.

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Cecilia said...

Very awesome pictures...not as good as the ones I took in my drunken stupor, but good anyway.