Saturday, July 30, 2005

No, silly, you drink red wine with Wardynski's.

I’m packing this morning and something possessed me to put on Tom Waits. Man, like this isn’t depressing enough on its own.

Maybe it’s time for a little Chemical Bros. That’s appropriate morning-packing music, right? Hey, whatever keeps you motivated.

I had dinner at my parents’ last night (my biological parents, that is) and we managed to attract a pretty-good-sized crowd. Granted, we had Baby Julia as an opening act, so perhaps not ALL the attention was focused on the recently returned European travelers. We had hot dogs in honor of our home-country, and spent the night sharing digital pictures and anecdotes, and passing out knick knacks we brought back from Italy. We had hoped to escape with enough time to continue packing last night, but (partly because of the late hour and mostly because of the copious bottles of vino) it just didn’t happen.

So today the shoving of brick-a-brack (you know: clothes, dishes, dvd’s, life size superman cutouts, etc.) into hastily taped boxes has to be stepped up a touch. The team and I are picking up the truck this afternoon, loading tonight, and leaving tomorrow morning and since Time Warner Cable tells us we won’t have internet until the end of the week, it looks like I’ll be on hiatus for a few more days.

Really, I’ll miss you too.

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