Thursday, August 11, 2005

I mean it WAS the first US city to light its streets with electricity...

The more observant of my readers will notice I threw up a few new links over there on the right. Far and away, that list of blogs under the "better than me" heading is predominantly made up of sites belonging to friends, and to that end, I'm happy to add in "Automatic Rebalancing" and "The Trials". I'd also like to point out my birthday is right around the corner and I do not yet own a camera phone. Hint hint, wifey.

The other new link is to the Buffalo Rising Journal, which I've done my best to avoid up until now. Without really giving it a fair chance, I had assumed it was overly-optimistic fluff about yet another rust-belt city. Well, shame on me, because not only is it a pretty good website, but it's actually about a pretty good city. Don't get me wrong - I've always loved Buffalo, but until recently, that's more because of a longing to be near family than because of any hometown pride.

Anyway, the BRJ has been suggested to me by a few other friends, and I finally gave it a real read yesterday. Many of you know I recently moved from Buffalo to Albany to attend law school, and some of you might even know that I've never counted out using that education to lay the groundwork for a career in Buffalo politics. In the meantime, I'm happy to have the BRJ (as well as my other Buffalo friends' blogs) to help me get through the next three years.

Because I’m told in law school you have a lot of time to surf the ‘net. Right?

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Jen(nifer) said...

Nope, only 3rd year ;)