Monday, August 29, 2005

Okay, NOW am I a lawyer?

Operation: Lawyerize, Day One went pretty well. They gave out free coffee and talked to me about how smart and competitive the incoming class is. Turns out I’m one of 21 students who have gotten some other post-grad degree. I’m also one of about 50 who have traveled oversees for any great period of time, one of about a hundred who have volunteered time/sweat/money for the less fortunate, one of 40 who are married, and one of one who were college homecoming kings. That’s right – I’m unique. I’m the only JD/Homecoming Royalty in my class.

Once again following in DH’s footsteps, I think.

Switching gears, I really want to steal this survey from sarah, but my ipod has died and damned if I can find the charger. My itunes is on my desktop (which is one half in the Battaglia’s dining room, one half in their garage), so that’s a dead end too. Even my poor laptop is in the hands of the Geek Squad – I feel so technologically naked.


Scott said...

You won't be a lawyer until you can bill someone for your blogging time. Won't that be a peach!

Anonymous said...

the first time you don't have your laptop in class you. will. die. it's awful. plus, you can't cheat and you'll actually had to have done the reading. EEK!!

it only gets better from here on out. i hope you found your "bob richardson". the way to find him is simply locate the furry gentleman who wore socks with his sandals on the first day. bonus points if the socks are black. to match his protuding chest hair. extra credit if he's wearing the shirt of another law school he got accepted into. (and yes, esther. i'm combining about 15 people with this description.)

Garvey said...

I made sure to flaunt my Albany Law School ball point pen, and I certainly am furry. "bob richardson", thy name is Garvey.

Anonymous said...

no. you. are. not.

you don't answer teacher's questions with "well, WHEN I WAS A PARAMEDIC WHOSE THONG HUNG OUT OF HER PANTS ALL THE TIME... the answer to your question, professor, is no!"

Jess said...

just use the rhap. I was planning on doing the same. it's too darn good of a survey to pass up.