Thursday, August 25, 2005

A place to hang my hat and my poker winnings.

No big shakes today, just a few points to share:

We done gots an apartment! It actually happened a few days ago, but I wanted to beat my new landlord (who also happens to be Scott of The Fourth Row fame) at poker before I signed the lease and made the announcement. I got lucky with my cards, and the fact that we were outside freezing our aces off at 2am this morning.

I heard the rattlesnake version of Lyrics Born’s "I Changed My Mind" on both Entourage and the series finale of Six Feet Under (which was awesome). Haven’t gotten it out of my mind since. Check out Sia's "Breathe Me" too, for a more mellow one. Man, that was a good finale. I miss them already.

Speaking of music, I was waiting in the car a few days ago and all I could find to listen to was X&Y. For those of you who aren’t big fans, give it one more listen. No, they aren’t the next U2 like their marketers would have you believe, but now that the buzz of pretentiousness (pretentiousnosity? pretention? pretentiousnalarity?) has died down, I didn’t hate it as much. A few of the tracks even reminded me of why I liked Coldplay in the first place.

I get to mow a lawn today! Oh, it’s been so long.

Allow me to be one of those annoying baby-picture-sharing uncles just real quick. I danced with young Julia the other day to Wilson Pickett. (More pics of that dinner are here.) Now our song will always be Sugar Sugar.

But not the Archies version.

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Scott said...

Get the comments in whilst you still can. Just remember, I will soon have keys to your apartment . . . and so will my sons.