Friday, August 05, 2005

Report from our man in Albany

And scant minutes after The Garveys were back and connected to the e-outside world, he’d already posted to his blog. Ah, priorities. Next, he’ll probably look for porn.

Did you notice I wrote “The Garveys” up there? Yeah, that’s right. We’re a family now. I have a wife, and the tiny one-finger handcuffs to prove it. The last few days have actually been a lot of fun – moving eastward in a four car caravan (well, three cars, and one hugh-jass truck), cramming nine rooms worth of “stuff” into a one bedroom apartment, couch shopping, jokes about old school and a “nice little Sunday planned”, etc. Here are a few things that the wife and I have noticed:

-I have more clothes than Lisa. She has more shoes.
-Band-aides really are racist, if you think about it.
-As of right now, I am paying for cable for the first time since college. I am SO growns up.
-Dave The Upstairs Neighbor is not only very cool, but graduated from ALS and has offered me his outlines. This made me do the happy dance.
-Albanians love to jaywalk. Albanians from Albany, I mean, not from Albania. Which isn’t to say that those from Albania don’t jaywalk, I’ve just never been on a road in Albania, and in the past week I’ve almost killed at least a dozen people here in Albany.
-Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans for the future.
-I watched the Iron Giant again the other day and noticed I’d never wondered what had happened to Hogarth’s father. There is a picture on his bedside table, though, of a man in a fighter jet, so can we assume he was lost in action? And if so, I wonder how Hogarth feels about his mom going from “Air Force pilot” to “beatnik artist” by the end of the movie.
-Power tools are awesome. Drywall anchors really are, at times, necessary.
-I’ve got blisters on my fingers…

Yeah, I miss Buffalo, but I like the way my life is now, and it isn’t like I won’t be going back any time soon. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my new couch.


Anonymous said...

outlines = instant, fabulous, law school friends. seriously, come finals you'll be voted most popular. pretty much this is the only reason i like esther so much (and passed grat trans ;))

Alex said...

My vote is that Dad died in the war. I think Hogarth wears an oversized bomber jacket w patches on it at some point.

And have faith that someone got your Beatles reference.

Garvey said...

Yes, there will be much beer passed off to the upstairs neighbor in return for said outlines, I think.

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