Monday, September 12, 2005

my ongoing nightmare

Last week, at the corner of Delaware and Hertel, I very nearly hit a woman and her kid.

Four days of the shakes and re-running the "what if's" through my mind, I'm pretty sure it would have killed them.

Some facts/details before I enter the confessional:
-I was sober and alert. My eyes were on the road and I was concentrating on driving.
-That corner is notorious for jaywalkers who firmly believe, like the pope believes in God, that a green traffic arrow pointing left actually means "Pedestrians Should Now Walk Straight, Slowly".
-I was heading west on Hertel, about to turn south (left) onto Delaware. As I approached the intersection, I saw I was the only car in the turning lane, and that I had the arrow.
-I accelerated to make said arrow.
-My eyes were on the Delaware crosswalk, where jaywalkers delight, but even if I'd been looking exactly in their direction, I wouldn't have seen the mother pushing her child south across Hertel because of a truck in the middle lane.
-I missed the child by no more than two feet.

The mother was PUSHING her kid. In front of her. Across a busy street. I want to shake this woman and shout, "Look, lady, I don't care if you want to take yourself out of the genepool because you're too intent on getting to Burger King to wait for the WALK signal, but if you're too stupid to at least hold out for a red fucking light, and you're using your four year old as an advance scout, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A KID."

I know. I should have looked. I shouldn't have sped up. Of course, if I hadn't, that poor kid would have had the time for two more steps... I can't even think about it.

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