Saturday, September 10, 2005

No, this IS a small party.

Okay, the apartment is comfortable, the neighborhood’s great, the landlords are, well, they’re okay so far. But we put the new Garvepartment to the real test last night and had a family BBQ in honor of our move back to Buffalo, and generally the end of summer.

And if this little get-together was any indication, I think the new pad is going to work out just fine. Young Sam and my father-in-law bonded over their love of brownies and Martha’s Vineyard sweatshirts:

Mary was simply charming, as usual. Go Griffs!

And I got to play with the newest addition to the family, our monster grill - a wedding present from Esther and John. (The excellent grill tools are from Dr. Anna.)

So yeah, even though we were partying between half full boxes and garbage bags of clothes, everyone still managed to get a pretty good buzz on, and generally good times were had by all. Now to start planning for our Rites of Fall Box Social…

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Leah said...

And the Christmas party is on the way!!!