Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Starring a young Ben Affleck

Sorry about the emotional sine wave that is the RT these days. “Down with the GasMan!” “Hey look at me! I have a grill!” “Boo hoo, jaywalkers are evil…” But let’s review: law school, moving a million times, marriage, and a serious lack of video games. Stronger minds have been lost as a result of less.

But all in all, right now, I’m happy. I just wanted everyone to know that. I bitch, but it’s all relative. I love my new apartment. It’s not at all what I expected, but I really like law school.

And I love being married. Lisa is sick today, by the way. Email her and tell her either to get better or stop faking.

Back to law school. I’ve had a couple of minor nervous breakdowns, but I’m told that’s par for the course. Come to think of it, I drove home from the management school in tears on more than one occasion in my first year, so it isn’t like that was a bed of roses either. And I’m not going to lie: law school blows just as much as any other degree program to a 27 year old.

But again: it's all relative... and in the long run, I'm happy.

I’m in Property right now and we’re talking about Ghen v Rich, a case from New England in 1881 about whaling. Interesting stuff. I love the people who raise their hands to make a comment on some experience they once had, not because of some insight they found in the case. “I went on a whale watching cruise once, so I’m the expert here.”

And besides, I was on the Voyage of the Mimi, so I win anyway.

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