Monday, October 10, 2005

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand breathe...

Just so’s you know…

Mom called from The South a few days ago. She came home today so I can finally post this without jinxing the trip:

Me (answering the phone): Hello? Ma, you there?
Mom: Sorry I didn’t call earlier. I had to deal with all these poisonous snakes and muggers.
Me: (beat) That’s not funny. That’s not a funny joke.
Mom: Oh I’m kidding. Grow up, you little girl.

Okay, maybe she didn’t say that last part, but she certainly seemed pleased with herself for poking fun at me in her first line of that little dialogue. Actually, she called back later and apologized. I honestly think there’s a fierce battle within mom, one side fervently wishing to mock her blogger son, and one side not wanting to offend anyone in the world. The former knows swear words I’ve never heard. The latter would make sure there were clean sheets on the spare bed if Hitler was her houseguest.

Anyway, supermom is home, so a hardy thanks to everyone for their crossed fingers. I’m told she’s safe and there’s a good chance my heart might start beating again sometime in the next few days.

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