Wednesday, October 12, 2005

and it puts me in the mood for halloween

As Esther helped be point out, I have a professor who refuses to teach the class material. We’re 36 minutes into class right now. He was five minutes late. He spent five minutes talking about how a student’s question is stupid. He then spent ten minutes (seriously) talking about how we all want to be taught the “rules” when what we really need is a “feeling” of the material. The class is actually called “The Rules of Civil Procedure.” Sorry for my impudence, sir

So, I need a change. I need some good juju. In an effort to appease them karmic forces and maybe help out someone who’s really having a bad day, I’m going to donate platelets this afternoon. I’ve donated blood before, but I’ve never had the time (or balls) to sit down for two hours and have the professionals pull out those parts of my life-force they need, and put the rest back like so much leftover meatloaf.

I also shaved my beard off last week. Hi, I’m the 17 year old Mike Garvey, I look pretty funny, and Lisa gets a kick out of it, so I might stay clean-shaven for a little while. I forgot how much of a pain in the ass it is to shave that little part between my nose and my upper lip, but I refuse to just grow a ‘stash. Unless you’re Wilford Brimley or someone wearing a bandolier, you should not have a mustache.

So, hopefully, that’ll be enough. I changed my appearance, thus escaping any prior trespasses (it was the one-armed man!), and the new Mike Garvey is kicking off his existence by donating platelets to cancer patients. Now, come on, Karma, how about a little help with the civ pro?

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