Saturday, October 01, 2005


Just a few follow up points from yesterday

I cannot believe I forgot about Christopher Guest (bastard people), Monty Python (wafer thin), Napoleon Dynamite (gimme some of your tots), and yes, Swingers (make his head bleed).

I cannot believe none of us remembered Braveheart (I’m your uncle… Argyle).

Princess and Anon, John and I both agreed that The Simpsons has them all beat, followed closely by Family Guy. And then we spent another ten minutes shouting “beer beer beer, bed bed bed!” and “like the time I out-farted Michael Moore”.

Man, now I want to go and watch Swingers. If only we still had a projector and Canisius College Little Theatre Movie Nights…

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Garvey said...

I also forgot pretty much all of the Coen Bros movies. (That rug really tied the room together.)