Friday, October 07, 2005

da na na na na na na na...... MA'SLAZAK!

I learned a few things at the Sabres game the other night.
Sports make me love America more, for one. I always get that patriotic warmth whenever I hear someone sing the national anthem, even in commercials. But when I’m surrounded by an arena full of already emotional people, naturally geared up with a competitive spirit, and I hear that Irish Tenor guy sing God Bless America, well, I dab at my eyes and start planning my presidential campaign. That guy has the voice of an angel.
The celtic flair actually began a few minutes before that though. Someone decided to kick off the first NHL game on that ice in 551 days with a full bagpipe orchestra (orchestra? band? gaggle?) Bagpipes always get me, too, and these guys didn’t fail. The troupe (troupe? army? contingent?) walked right out to middle ice, split in two and proceeded to play all the way through the crowd and out through the tunnels. It was a crowd pleaser. It worked.
I don’t know the exact reasons that Satan and Zhitnik left the Sabres for the Islanders (they were traded, right?) but everyone in Buffalo either hates them for that, or loves to “moo” at them whenever they get the puck.
And lastly, the Sabres are most certainly going to win the cup this year. All they need is DH (who Ks A) sitting behind the other side’s goalie.

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Esther said...

They were saying "boo-urns".