Monday, October 24, 2005

Have it your way, in excess.

Giving you my post Sabres-game thoughts bullet-style seemed to work pretty well last time, so I think that’s going to become the norm. So here’re a few things I wanted to share with you following Saturday’s blowout against the Rangers (Also known as The Guys Who Wear The Same Uniform As Yagr, And Yagr). And thanks to That Guy finally getting off his arse and putting a rock on the hand of That Girl, this is the Bachelor Party Edition:

1. Oh the shit I ate. We started at Duffs where they had the audacity to start us off with a bowl of celery. You know what celery is good for at a bachelor party? A blue cheese spoon to go with your bbq wings.
1b. Then it was off to the game where I drank lots of crack beer.
1c. Then it was off to Pearl Street Brewery where I had more crack beer and handfuls of complimentary popcorn.
1d. Then it was off to Jim’s Steak Out because we poor boys (get it?) were simply wasting away with hunger. A philly cheese steak sub was really only rational at that point.
2. Despite the fact that we all got a good chuckle out of the “I’ve seen monkey shit fights at the zoo that were more organized than this.” lines (c’mon – we only lost Jason for half an hour tops, and anyway it turned out he was frantically chasing the drunk wagon, so no harm no foul), I have to admit that Keith went above and beyond putting this whole affair together. Renting the van from the A Team was truly a stroke of genius.
3. The guy at the PSB dressed up as Destro had obviously put a lot more effort into his costume than the guy who had simply purchased his Burger King get up.
4. Made LOTS of friends at the game, of course. The young girl behind us had evidently just learned how to curse, and was quite anxious to show off her mad swearing skillz to all our section. What a sweet little lass. As soon as I sat down, I was happy to see two forty something women in front of me, and oh I love this. Moms love me. If I haven’t been able to make the moms around me at a sporting event laugh by the halfway point, I’m just not trying at all. I got these to chuckle in the first period by making fun of the Yagr-hating crowd. Yeah, that’s right. I started with my A material.
6. Also, Old Man Lefty and I hit it off splendidly, apparently. I call him “Old Man Lefty” because he was an old man, sitting on my left. By the same logic, I could call him Nice Grandfatherly Guy Until He Starts Making Fun Of Middle-Easterners. Whoa, there, OML. I was ready to share some nachos with you, but that last remark about foreigners liking our sports was just a touch outside the pale. I mean, what if Canadians said the same about us?
6. I just realized that I misnumbered. That last one should have been “5.” “6.” Is actually my inability to count, which is really very embarrassing.
G. The groom to be and I talked at length about their upcoming honeymoon in Ireland. Though I would never trade Lisa’s and my honeymoons to Italy and Albany, I must say I was more than a little envious. Imagine drinking a local whiskey in the Waterford Castle?!? Good thing the groom is such an avid drinker.


Anonymous said...

we're now taking football squares about who will win the wedding. takers? takers?

i say let this be the wedding where the bride (me me me!) wins. let's hope the night ends with me face down in the cake. ;)

Scott said...

Waterford Castle . . . ahh the memories. . . Leah & I sent back a bottle of wine there. . . such snobs are we. . .

Word Verification of the Day: mvuobzo

Garvey said...

Scott - you sent it back after you realized it wasn't stout, whiskey, or Bailey's, right?

Bridenonymous - at the end of the day, so long as you're married, you both win. or whatever.

Esther said...

Yagr? Has the word-verifying made you all start spelling phonetically?

Garvey said...

Hmm. I believe the "j" is silent. Like in "jogging".

In my defense, google (my new spellcheck) didn't come through for me on this one: