Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Like school on Sunday, I gots no class.

So, as we all know from my previous bitching, my schedule sucks for next semester. Four days starting at 8am, and only one class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The only good part about it is the potential for a free Friday, but that depends on which elective I get. Here are my choices:

Windows on Health Law – I’ve heard good things about the prof, and considering how many health professionals I know, might not be a bad choice.

Lawyers and Business – The obvious choice. Or is it? I have an MBA, so one might think that would give me a leg up. But that also means a) I doubt I’d be the only one in there with any business experience and b) boring as all get out.

Gender, Law & Public Policy – ah, no.

Enforcing Environment Law – I have this prof this semester and “the devil you know…”. Besides, I’m somewhat interested in this area because I, well, I do like me some nature.

Melville and the Law – okay, how do I cross this one off the list harder than I already have? Melville??? Pftht.

Urban Development in NYC – this is an early front runner because we get to watch movies. And Rick Burn’s documentaries. And on top of that, since I haven’t entirely ruled out political aspirations, an urban development intro might not be a bad idear.

Power, Privilege, and Law – the description on this one says the class is mostly about class hierarchies and relationships. Pertinent, to be sure, but just not enough to really capture my attention for a semester.

So my job was to fill out a form ranking which three I liked the most, and they’d do the registerin’ part for us. My number one was pretty easy to pick. The New York class just spoke to me the loudest. We get to read Walt Whitman and F Scott Fitzgerald. We get to talk about the difference between NYC and Chicago. Excellent, one down.

Numbers two and three are more difficult. I go with the environmental law one for number two because I do like the professor and the description doesn’t look like there’ll be too much reading. For number three, I start to put down the business one, but just couldn’t bring myself to commit to talking about financial legal issues for a semester. If it were marketing, that would be an entirely different thing… but finance… ugh.

Believe it or not, I somehow slipped and my pen accidentally scratched what could be construed as “Melville and the Law” across slot number three. Yeah, I doubt it’s going to come to that, but re-reading the description, it actually sounded kind of interesting. As GOD AWFUL BORING as Melville is, the class is about the legal and historical ramifications on literature in general. I can deal with that for a few hours a week.


KT said...

The environmental was a good choice. ;)

Scott said...

AAAARRRRrrrggghhhh. But the pirate likes the Melville choice.

Just think, matey, you might be touchin on admiralty law. Hang 'em by the yardarm!

Word Verification of the Day: rbkhwnq

goose said...

Gravy, I actually took that "Melville and the Law" class, good prof. easy reading "La Amistad" "Billy Budd" good discussion about admiralty law, human rights, etc...I got an A in it, the papers weren't bad. Gimme a call if you want to know more about it.

BTW my verificaiton word is focjzzow

Greg said...

I liked "Billy Budd, Sailor". Some long-winded, meandering fiction is just what you law students need. You know, a change of pace.

My word verification: TFLJAAGE (pronounced "tuffle yahg"): A panther with boxing gloves, drunk on licorice-flavored alcohol.

hoffmann said...

I took "power, privilege and the law", but then again, I'm not a racist.

I choose not to disclose my word verifier. You might be a spammer figuring out the pattern.

Esther said...

Power, privilege and the law sounds like something you must take to become a partner, because as a peon associate, you have very, very little.

Leah said...

where IS your sense of adventure.... go with gender, says the woman who went to a single-sex college.