Tuesday, October 18, 2005

No, here's to YOU.

  • Here's to re-found high school friends who now have kids.
  • Here's to Lemon Jelly for finally fusing the worlds of the techno-music geek and the stoner. (See if you can find their video to Nice Weather for Ducks. It's on Rhapsody.)
  • Here's to Lisa, who is probably still asleep since it's her day off. Here's to her also for putting up with me while I was deathly ill. Update: Lisa is not asleep - she just called me to say our internet is still out at the apartment. Here's to crappy Adelphia.
  • Here's to r for posting this. BWA-HA-HA!
  • Here's to Esther and John for letting me call them and bitch about how sick I was when it's clear they were much, much sicker.
  • Here's to my LR&W professor who doesn't seem to mind when I chuckle every time she says "duty".
  • Here's to finally blogging even though I have little to nothing to talk about. I did however, update The Cartoon Post with an actual clip of Robot Chicken. Major Funny's Hit.
  • Here's to KT, who turns 18 or something today. Though she's really not so good about letting people know about it, today is her birthday and here's to her.

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