Sunday, October 23, 2005

Please comment! (But only if you know how to spell "xyflpo".)

Alright, you assmonkeys, you win. I’ll turn on the word verification system, but I won’t like it.

Happy now? I’ll bet you are. I’ll bet you’re already working on some program that gets around my little security measure. Can’t keep a good nerd down, they say. You’d write on my bathroom walls, advertising mortgage rates and discount dog food, if I didn’t have that little latch on the door.

I tried to wait it out. I love when people comment on the RT, and damned if I wanted to make it harder for those people to do so by adding that one extra step. Why punish them? And then this weekend I got eight spam comments? Eight?!? Are you joking? And three of them were for CELLO LESSONS. Yes, my friends, you have most certainly reached your target audience. Fuck those “experts” who said you should spend your advertising dollars on spots in, let’s say, cello magazines. No, you certainly made the right decision investing in whatever devil software it was that made it possible for you to post a link on my blog. Everyone knows I have a readership RIFE with cellists looking for a little improvement. Well done, dumbass.

To those who came before me – those pioneering bloggers who really set the stage, my apologies. I fully admit I’m a bandwagon player here. My guess is that the neighborhood was actually pretty nice and quiet before my contingent showed up. Did you even lock your doors at night before we moved onto the block? Seems by bringing a little popularity to the arena, we also insisted on bringing spammers. Oh, and now they make jokes about us on How I Met Your Mother. Sorry about that too.


Garvey said...

A) I wanted to be the first to have to comment on my own blog with this nonsense word verification thing running.
B) Last night was Steve's bachelor party and was, needless to say, awesome. I'll write more about the women and drugs once my head clears.

Hoffmann said...

You watch "How I Met Your Mother"? Wow.

Garvey said...

I'm a die-hard doogie fan.