Monday, November 21, 2005

And the cake was excellent

Oh how sweet the day was.

Combine sleeping in with snappy tuxes with heavy drinking with dancing like asses with more drinking with proud parents, sappy speeches, weeping new husbands, and bear hugs aplenty and you’ve got a pretty good day on your hands. I got to dance with my wife, with whom I am madly in love, and I got to have a conversation with my dad, who surely knew I was drunk but didn’t seem to mind. I got to walk my sister down the aisle, which was covered with a white runner (I’ll never understand why the runner is used, but since I got to be one of the guys to lay it down, I hereby proclaim it to have been a more important component in the ceremony). I made the best men laugh when the priest’s phone rang DURING THE MASS. I wonder if the more technophilic of the clergy give God his own ringtone? I’m told the Almighty is a big Hendricks fan.

And damn, we looked good. They ladies were stunning as they ran into a bar to use the bathroom. The men were very James Bond as they loaded up the trolley with something like a billion cases of beer. The parents of the bride and the parents of the groom were decked out in the best of the best, but outfits all around were overshadowed by toothy, goofy grins and teary eyes. And I, in my bow tie and suspenders, was ravishing, as to be expected.

To those who haven’t yet been married, I’ll let you in on a secret. There’s a moment during the day (for me, it was when I was announced into the reception with my new wife) when it hits you that the village that raised you has made the effort of gussying up and all coming into one room, and not just because of the free eats. The whole crowd is there to bare testament to the day and to their relationship to you, to both of you. Even if you aren’t the kind of person who enjoys being the center of attention (moi?), this is a lovely and startling realization, and it’ll wash over you and through you and it’ll only be interrupted when you turn your attention away from the crowd and are instead mesmerized by the fancily-dressed person holding your hand. Or when the priest’s phone rings. That was hilarious.

Steve and Aly’s shindig was the perfect example of this – a room full of people who were just as proud of them as their closest relatives. Have fun in Ireland, kids.

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