Monday, November 28, 2005

Garvey Two Point Oh

I’ve written this post four times now and have finally given up. The feelings I’m feeling and the thoughts going through my head are too numerous, and far too quickly changing to cram into a few paragraphs, so I’m going to let the picture say a thousand words:

If you, like my grandmother, don’t immediately recognize the above pic, it’s a baby. My baby. Lisa’s and my baby. Oh good God in Heaven, I’m going to be a father.


Jesus, the emotional weight of typing that was heavy enough. Am I going to buckle when you add to that the X pounds, Y ounces of actual baby? Well, I’ve got until July 2006 to prep, so let the mental work out begin…

Here’s the minimum of what you need to know until I can come up with something more poetic:

Lisa’s been preggers for about 7 weeks now.
Her grandfather foretold it to her great aunt in a dream.
No, we don’t have any names picked out yet, but we’re working on it.
We made the announcement on Thursday – to Lisa’s family at dinner, and to mine at dessert. It was perhaps the first time I’ve ever seen my mother in law speechless.
I know only a father can recognize it, but I swear the fetus above is wearing a tiny superman tee shirt. They make capes measured by millimeters, yes?


Anonymous said...

Congrats! - Bob

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I check your blog periodically to get some laughs during some humdrum days at work! And today I get this wonderful news! Congratulations -- you're in for the time of your lives. And Mikey will be so happy to have another little friend in Buffalo. Love, Becca

Ken D said...

In the words of the Mrs. Crabtree the South Park bus driver ... "Wha? Wha? What?"

Holy crap, Mike Garvey. This is great news ... now, whose wedding will Lisa be in a few days after she gives birth to baby Clark?

(That's baby Clark Kent, not baby Clark Griswold.)

The heartiest of Congrats to you and the little lady (but not for long!).

(That's 'little' not for long; not 'lady' not for long.)

Scott said...

This belongs nowhere else but here:

Over dinner last night . . .

Lisa: I like the name Paige, but not because of Trading Spaces.

Mike: Well, then I like the name Clark, but not because of Superman.

Can't wait to meet him! (Prediction - boy)

Garvey said...

Just a quick sappy update? Lisa's at work. I'm at home on the couch, watching National Geographic's "In the Womb".
a) I got a little weepy when they showed what the baby looks like at 7 wks. No eyelids!
b) Our baby is way cuter than their little CGI mock-up.
c) Dear Lisa, I'd like to formally apologize for the upcoming first trimester. I’ll apologize again when they get to "birth".

mary said...

i started shopping for the baby today! :)

hoffmann said...

Wow. I can't believe it. That you're straight, I mean.

belgianwaffle said...

so, so happy! congratulations!

R said...

Congratulations to you and Lisa! I is an amazing experience! Now you will have to be responsible...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!
Now Luka will have another cousin, he said he can´t wait.....:-)
Wish I could be there with you!
All my love from good old Germany,

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
I spoke to Lisa earlier today. Congratulations to you both! I couldn't be happier, that's one lucky baby to have you two as parents. Love you both-Karen

Mr. Beers said...

I am so happy for you Herr Garvey! Congrats to you and Lisa.

Anonymous said...

When you were two and we were living in student housing (your Dad was a dental student at the Univ. of Mississippi), I had just bathed you and was rocking you to sleep and reading to you. You had fallen asleep and I smelled your hair and felt the soft, sweet, heaviness in my arms and wished for you the same experience some day....enjoy, Mom

Anonymous said...

a comment from France: WOWSA - Congratulations!!! How awesome for you two! Another Garvey, just what the world needs. Oh man. Bonne Chance!

Anonymous said...




I saw your name on Peter's blog, puttered around a bit, ran into Dave Hoffman at the mall over the holidays, and was doubly astounded when he told me your new news! Congrats on your marriage and congrats on your new Garvey!!

Changing Island Boy clothes back stage left was a while ago, huh?

Hot damn and triple congrats!!
~marie hasselback