Thursday, November 17, 2005

More kudos to pass out

Here's to my law school buddy, Cliff, who went and become a daddy last night. His daughter had the good taste to be born exactly one month shy of my birthday. Everyone, by the way, is happy and healthy.

Here's to my old Chicago buddy, Matt, who finally managed to track me down even though he lives in Palm Beach, FL. Here's to both of us (and Mr. Beers) for escaping the pyramid scheme job where we met.

Here's to South Park, which was hilarious last night.

Here's to my other law school buddies who have finally bent to the will of the universe and are now calling me "Garvey". I didn't ask them to, in fact I can't say I've ever asked anyone to. It just happens. I contend Alex didn't know I had a first name until after we graduated.

Here's to my buddy, Anonymous Driver of a Grand Prix, who was cool enough to let me merge onto the 90 this morning. You, my friend, are not what you drive, and therefore deserve thanks on a Geggy Tah level.


Kudos to Lisa for beating me at chess.

Kudos to Meg for being a lawyer for reals. Take that, New York State Bar!

Kudos to me for picking clothes out in the dark this morning. No, I didn't notice the stain on my shirt until I got through two different conversations and yes I had to have a serious debate with myself as to which is worse: stained button down or ratty superman tee-shirt. I went with the tee. Considering what's on TV tonight, I think I made the right decision.

Kudos to John Williams, just because.


Scott said...

And you'd like to thank Scott for throwing those poker games to boost your self confidence . . .

Anonymous said...

The first time I went out with your Dad (a blind date) he was introduced to me as "Garv". I went out with him two or three times before I knew that his first name was Mike; by that time I was too embarrassed to ask...