Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The things you find when you clean your house

As the end of my maternity leave draws near I have been cleaning my house like mad because I know I will never have free time again once I go back to work. (By the way, this is Esther posting, Mike did not have some freakish pregnancy that resulted in maternity leave.) I found all kinds of good stuff I didn't even know I was missing: slippers, jewelry, my iron (does this give you insight into my recent lifestyle that I didn't miss my iron for the past 5 months?), and a box of letters and birthday cards that I spent the rest of the day reading. Who needs a clean house anyway?

As you all know, Mike is quite the poetic kid. He always has been, and he often used his talents to write commemorative poetry for mother's day and other special occasions. I don't remember what I did to deserve a poem of my own, but he was in 7th grade when he gave this to me:

(I know it isn't Christmas,
and Easter's a it away.
It isn't yet your bithday,
or Yak Shaving Day.
"So why are you giving me this present?",
is your very first thought.
Well, there isn't much of a reason really,
I thought of it while on the pot...)

"Ode to Esther...Come in Esther" by Mike-the all knowing

"E" is for Every Joe
that you have ever known.

"A" ... just kidding.
"S" is for the Sundays in church
where mom will sing of tone.

"T" is for That fatefull night
when we laughed at Barry's rear.

"H" is for the many Holes
that are drilled into your ear

"E" is for the Eyes
that mom's sunglasses never cover

"R" is for Regas Feldman
who is Mike M's secret lover

(Well, the poem's done and over with,
I hope it's something you like.
In fact I hope you liked it so much
that you will lend me your bike.
Just kidding, I hope you really liked it.
'Hope you ate it up like a shark!
There are a couple things I forgot to put in though,
such as "'B' is for Mrs. Stark"?)

I think it loses something in translation because you can't see the authentic 1989 dot matrix printer font. Mike, I'm counting on you to explain the subtle meanings of this masterpiece in your next post :)


Garvey said...

Esther's being kind. I gave this to her last week.

And I have no friggin clue what I meant by "Yak Shaving Day", mom in church, or "Regas Feldman".

Greg said...

Yak Shaving Day was an old Ren and Stimpy episode. Remember?