Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Too many bad puns. You can come up with a Subject Title on your own.

Right, so they’re making an Aquaman TV serial, supposedly following the Smallville formula.

Come on, now.

Admittedly, I don’t really know the whole story behind the Aquaman character. I could tell you pretty much anything you wanted to know about the Superman mythos, but when it comes to the King of Atlantis, I really just know what the Super Friends told me. Oh, and that I know a guy who knows the guy who invented him. (I get major geek points for that.) So will the Aquaman story translate into the WB format? Does it matter?

Read the article if you want, but if you’ve seen the Smallville show, you already know what’s ahead for the superhero’s environment: Take a dash of some tried and true American folk hero, throw in the setting from The O.C., marinate with a love interest who cries a lot, spice with product placement after product placement, and let simmer until all lead actors make it into some Steve Martin movie. Bon appetite!


Scott said...

I think the whole point of the show, I mean this is the WB, is to give them the opportunity to show off a bunch of young women swimming around in bikini tops fawning over some guy who talks to fish. If that's not a winning formula, it's certainly a head start.

Alex said...

I'm guessing quiet New England town and uncomfortably good-looking blond dude washes up on shore. He's real strong and hates lobster fishermen.

Mr. Beers said...

Aquaman...Aquaman...Aquaman...I just don't get it. So many cool characters in the DCU (DC Universe for non geeks)and they pick frick'n AQUAMAN!!! I just don't get it. If the goal is to mine the world of comics for recognizable characters there are so many that have not been touched that are head and shoulders above Aquaman. I mean, if the WB wants to go all Teen Angsty on a classic DC character tell me that young Wonder Woman wouldn't be right up their alley. I mean just imagine a young WW growning upon Paradise Island. There you get your bastion of scantly clad women, and what could be more viscious and drama filled then an island of women...christ the mind goggles.