Sunday, November 06, 2005

What is it with "school" and "Sunday" showing up in subject titles lately?

So good morning to you all. It’s about 9:45 in the AM here at SUNY Buffalo’s North Campus. And, it’s freakin’ Sunday. I don’t mean it is the Sunday on which one freaks, but rather I say “freakin’ Sunday” to emphasize the fact that I’m at school on a Sunday morning. Pass the coffee please.

What’s worse? Today’s class is 7 hours long, that’s what’s worse. My barbri review class on Contracts starts in a few minutes and I’m told it’ll go through to dinner time. I’m going to keep this document open and I’ll throw any points in as I think of them and have the time to do so. Wish me luck, here we go:

10:15am – people are still arriving. Turns out it’s a video lecture, so my teacher’s pet abilities are of no use today. The guy on the video looks like Lumbergh from Office Space. If we could go ahead and learn about contracts, that’d be greeeeeeat.

11:05am – first ten minute break. Lecturer was talking about taking a shower with Meg Ryan. Now THIS is teaching. In the first hour of instruction, I’ve taken 3 pages of notes at size 10 font. I’m on coffee number 2.

12:14pm – woo and hoo! We skipped a break so we can get out of here earlier. On page number 4 and coffee number 3 – bladder don’t fail me now!

1:17pm – lunch time…
1:44pm – since I didn’t realize this lecture was going to run so long, I didn’t brown-bag it today. But, I had time to run into the UB-corner-store-where-pricing-is-similar-to-airport-news-stands and grabbed a DC and a sandwich to get me through the afternoon. As we start up again, I’m on page 7 of my notes, and I’ve burned through 3 cups of coffee. Hmmm… after this coke, I think it’s time to switch over to water.

1:56pm – Lumbergh is now talking about the statute of frauds, but I swear the he keeps saying “Statute of Frogs”. It’s like one of his barbri buddies bet him a fiver that he wouldn’t meow all the way through his speech, or somehow manage to fit in “aluminum siding”, or at some point give the crowd the finger. Or maybe the statute of frogs is something I just don’t know about. If I had more time and space, I’d write about princesses and reasonable consideration given for kisses on which they promised to perform.

2:45pm – hoo boy, this is getting old. I’m on page 9 - only 639 hours left to go.

3:54pm – the last hour was about ten hours long. The proctor has announced that this’ll be our last break because we’re going to blow through the rest of the material from here on out. Better go grab a 3 musketeers to get me through. Mmm… big on chocolate, indeed. I’m through 11 pages of rigor-mortis- and carpal-tunnel-inducing notes.

4:52pm – done and done. Going home and home.

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