Thursday, November 03, 2005

You should have seen what was on the urinal.

Thanks to the RT’s attentive baltimorian readers, it’s time for a lightening round based on this article about a Home Depot customer… (wait for it)… in a sticky situation:

- At least now we know the Home Depot glue works.
- No one saved him because all the associates were busy finding customers to help. And by “help”, I mean “avoid”.
- I always get saran wrap and glue mixed up.
- This wasn’t real. It was just a taping of American Pie IV. Eugene Levy was right around the corner.
- Home Depot: You can do it. We can help. Unless your ass is glued to a toilet seat.


Greg said...

Hope he had a good book.

KT said...

What do you suppose one yells when their ass is stuck to the toilet seat?