Thursday, December 01, 2005

And we should bring back the Stallions.

I get this forwarded to me once or twice every year, each time with a more convincing rumor that “next year will be the year” we go back to the old Sabres colors.

Take a look at these:

I like them! Like most Buffalonians, I grew up worshiping the old sweaters, and I’d love to see a re-dedication to that style. Undoubtedly, the current jerseys were designed by a marketing master who knew just how to read the numbers and equations and computations in order to pick out the exact motif that’ll make the most bank for the club. And, hey, they worked. I like them (especially the alternate, red suits), and I’m told that for some time they were hot sellers.

But, man, wouldn’t it be cool to see our guys skate out in the old blue and yellow again? Can you imagine how ape-shit crazy this town would go?

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Greg said...

I'd love it, and not just for the blue and gold. Between the Bills and the Bisons, we have enough logos featuring a Buffalo. Those teams don't really have any other options anyway. But the Sabres could focus on swords, and instead we get more cattle.

I guess I should be happy knowing that if you turn the current logo upside down, you see a demon.