Thursday, December 29, 2005

Balls out

Lovin’ me some vay-kay right about now. But I miss blogging. I’m back for the foreseeable future. Honestly? I was thinking about shutting down the RT for good. But then I realized I’d actually have to SEE people in order to keep in touch with them, and considering my hectic playboy schedule, I think we all know that’s not likely to happen.

Let’s catch up:
Exams sucked the ever-living ass of the world. I’m still not really sure that I passed a couple of them, but since they sent me a bill for second semester, I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end.
The big 2-8 was more than I deserved. By the end of the day, I was a year older and a box of legos richer. Mom and dad got me the Calvin and Hobbes collection – do you have any idea how many hours of bathroom reading that represents?
Christmas was most awesome, both in the loot department and in the finally-get-to-see-my-family department. I ate such that I should not be alive right now, but here I am, in all my cholesterolish goodness. It’s a Christmas miracle!
Cecilia is doing much better, but I’ll let her tell you all the details when she sobers up. I had an excellent time making fun of her while she was all spaced out on dopamine or hephaestus or crack or whatever it is they gave her to kill the pain.
Have you seen my child?

And finally, since I’ve been away, I notice a few new residents have moved into the neighborhood. Johnny was a college room mate of yours truly and gabby, I notice, still uses the nick-name I gave her back in our canisius years. “R” is a friend from when we were in Little Shoppe of Horrors together in high school, and sweat pea, despite her debilitating addiction to all things Jets has been my friend on the right coast for some time now.

So, how’ve you been?


Sweet Pea said...

Thanks for the shout out Mikey! I love your comment -"debilitating addiction to all things Jets" LOL! Funny but true. Hope your sister is feeling better.
Happy New Year to you, Lisa and baby!

R said...

Thanks for the props Mikey! Hope the exam results are good. Mike jr. is getting big. Glad to hear sis is recovering nicely. Ah yes, there a man in that plant? I am looking very forward to the end of 2005 if you have noticed my December posts.

R said...
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GabsOSteel said...

it's still the best nickname i've ever received, even if it's not that accurate anymore...

if you guys are free tonight swing by 44 as i ring in the 2-6.