Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Royal Holiday

Dear All,

I’ve come to an extremely difficult decision. Don’t take it personally. Until further notice, I’m shutting the Royal Toybox down.

Well, not really. I mean, it’ll still be here, I’m just not going to update for awhile. Or read anyone else’s for a bit either.

See, exams are coming up. I have three, and each one alone scares me to the core of my soul. In semesters past, I’ve given finals the respect they deserve, and I’ve always ended up in the black. I do my part and they do their part. I study as much as I need to, and they don’t pull my grades down too far.

But, the sadist who invented law school decided to smoosh all the grade-determining action into the final exams. That means I have one, do-or-die opportunity per class to prove to my teachers that I haven’t slacked all semester long. Evil, huh?

And truth be told, I only have x amount of free time during my day, and I just plain spend too much of it on the internets. I write on my blog and read your blog and wish more people would read my blog and wish I was as good a writer as you are on your blog and then sometimes I look for porn.

Allow me a few seconds of sappiness – Now I’m going to be a father. Unless you’ve been there, you have no idea how much that permeates your whole day. I eat, wondering what his favorite food will be. I watch the news, looking for new-parent stories. I listen to music, hoping she won’t be into country western. War scares me more. So does the absence of good cartoons.

Exams, Baby, Scott’s Christmas puzzle… suffice it to say, my mind just isn’t into weblogging. I love the RT, and I’m sure its allure will hit me again soon. Maybe once winter break rolls around? Maybe after Christmas? (Who am I kidding – I’ll probably be back sometime tomorrow.)

Thanks everyone. Talk soon…
-Michael J. Garvey, Jr. M.B.A.

PS. Kudos to Catherine Bridget Dempsey who passed the bar. I’d say she gives me hope, but she’s smarter than I am.

PPS. Kudos to Cecilia who is going back to school.

PPPS. If you really miss me that much, comment here or drop me a line at

PPPPS. Just to keep you cozy through to Christmas, here are a few festivus links: - an advent calendar with legos. - once I have the free time this guy has, I’m sure I’ll post again. make sure your sound is on.


Changy said...

good luck on your exams - and the rest of law school, i'm sure you'll do fine : ) and don't worry, schlegel's bark is worse than his bite.

R said...

Happy Birthday!

Scott said...

Ok, Mike, exams have been over for almost half an hour. Where's the new post?