Friday, December 02, 2005

Whaaaah? Two sports posts in a row?

I went to my first ever basketball game the other night here at UB. The good guys (UB Bulls) beat Fresno State, much to the dismay of the two Bulldog fans in the crowd. Not a lot of Fresno-to-Buffalo transplants, I’m guessing.

Man, what an eye-opener. I had no idea people on this campus had so much school spirit. I figured anyone who wore the school’s colors was really just happy they matched jeans so well. But no, not only was there a huge student/community presence in the stands, but judging by their cheers and synchronized dances, they’d been there before. Or else, they got together to rehearse their basketball fan etiquette beforehand.

Anyway, I was much too busy being a nerd growing up to really become interested in sports, and I hated gym class so much I NEVER gave basketball a chance at all. Here’re a few initial thoughts:
--Basketball is like hockey, but with more instant gratification. You’d think that the 80th point scored would be less enjoyable than the 8th, but it really isn’t.
--They don’t sell beer at college games? Pftht… squares.
--I’m used to hockey and football where people wear helmets, or baseball where the players are too far away to see, so I notice that there’s a very tangible proximity the crowd has with the team, simply because you can see facial expressions. I.e. it’s much easier to lip-read swear words.
--I’m the first to admit my bandwagonner status. I went because a friend had gotten free tickets, and the team had only lost one game so far. Would I be as interested if the team sucked? Probably, but I’d be a lot more upset about the no beer thing.


Scott said...

But I'll bet if someone asks you to play HORSE, you'd still get down on all fours. . .

Garvey said...

Hey, it's not my fault professional sports are all about thinly veiled sexual innuendo...